Animal facility

When you want to enter the Animal facility you see that the lock is protected with a security code. Makes sense because researchers are only allowed to enter if thet are certified and when they have a protocol that is approved by the Animal Welfare Committee. However, there is a written note on the door:

To whom it may concern,

Dear researcher,

Each day, we are trying our best to reduce the number of animals that are used in preclinical research. Based on previous work and the ever-expanding information on the internet, we have developed an in silico method to determine the effects of specific compounds on tumor growth and toxicity in mice. You can download and use this tool free of charge. Just click on the link below. In the tool, you can add different doses of radiation and combine this with different concentrations of compounds. Tumor growth curves and mice survival curves will be automatically generated. This way you can play around and find the most active compound with the lowest toxicity.

Enjoy our tool,

Best regards,

The Animal facility team.

In silico tool

How convenient! This tool will save mice, time and money. It will certainly speed up your research. You decide to give it a try and combine the findings of this tool with the toxicity data from the CAM lab. That will certainly tell you which of your 3 compounds you should register at the registration desk.

If you are confident, then proceed to the registration desk and submit your compound. Be aware that submitting the wrong compound will result in a time penalty which could mean that other teams beat you in this quest.

May the scientific Force be with you.

To the registration desk