Radiotherapy has been used for already more than a century to treat cancer patients. The primary mechanism by which radiotherapy kills tumor cells is by inducing lethal DNA damage. Apart from this, radiotherapy contributes to treatment outcome by affecting the tumor micro-environment, including the tumor vasculature and the anti-tumor immune response. 

The research of the Radiobiology group aims to further improve the clinical benefit of radiotherapy. For this, we study how radiotherapy modulates both tumor cells and the tumor micro-environment and how we can modulate tumor cells and the tumor micro-environment to make radiotherapy more effective. In addition, research is performed in close collaboration with radiotherapists of the clinical department of radiation oncology of the Amsterdam UMC, both at the AMC and the VUmc location.

The different research topics can be found on the specific team leader pages. Use the buttons below to get further information. Don't worry, we like to keep science simple because it should be available and understandable to everybody. If you still want to know more about our research, please visit our 'publications' page to get an overview of all the published work of our group.