The ViRaL space.

You now enter the ViRaL space, the place where all the magic happens. In the ViRaL space you will find different rooms which allow you to find the perfect radiosensitizing drug. However, you cannot enter each room immediately. Drug discovery research is a step-by-step process, so only when you successfully complete one room you will get access to another. In the last room you can register your novel radiosensitizing drug.

The following rooms are available:

The Auditorium:

Here, you can find background information on the different aspects of research in the ViRaL space.

The Drug Discovery Facility:

This is the start of your drug discovery quest. You will search for a number of promising drug targets as well as compounds which will be further tested in the 'In Vitro Lab' and the 'In Vivo Lab'.

The In Vitro Lab:

In this lab you will test the activity of your selected compounds in combination with irradiation using different radiobiology assay. Based on the results, you can narrow down you number of compounds and proceed to the In Vivo Lab.

The In Vivo Lab:

Here, you will further test your selection of compounds in animal tumor models. Again, you will explore the effectivity of the compounds in combination with radiotherapy. Obviously, you will also have to check for toxicity.

The Drug Registration Desk:

When you have identified the most promising compounds you can register them here at the Drug Registration Desk. This will end your journey and you can relax and sit back while pharmaceutical companies scrutinize your findings and decide whether they are interested to further test your new drugs in clinical trials.